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Arthritic Hip

Cemented Hip Replacement

 Arthritis of the hip is extremely limiting.  As seen in the  "Arthritic Hip" x-ray, the ball of the hip is rubbing bone on bone with the socket.  This causes pain with all activities and even frequently will awaken the patient from sleep with pain.   Medications may help for a while, but eventually surgery is the only way to allow the individual to maintain a reasonable activity level.   Total hip replacement has proven very successful to relieve this pain and maintain patient function.  Most patients are able to return to a high level of activity.  Hip  replacements have improved dramatically and now last for many  years--often greater than 25 years.

There have been many advances in hip replacements, from minimally invasive surgical approaches, including the direct anterior approach, ceramics and the newest generation of highly crosslinked UHMWPE.

There are more options than ever for the young active athlete wishing to continue an active lifestyle. A ceramic on ceramic hip replacement or a surface replacement may be the right answer to meet all of your needs. Please discuss which option is right for you with Dr. Nelson.


Normal Knee

 Knee Replacement

Arthritic Knee

Cemented Knee Replacement

 Patients with arthritis of the knee complain of pain with walking, arising from a chair and going up and down stairs.  They also notice a  deformity of their knee.  The "Arthritic Knee" x-ray above shows a patient with severe arthritis of the knee associated with a significant bowing of the knee.  After surgery, the knee is aligned straight and the prosthesis provides new smooth surfaces to relieve the pain which was experienced before surgery.  The patient enjoys a good range of  movement and is able to participate in most activities without  limitation--golf, walking, swimming, etc.  Newer surgical techniques and peri-operative pain control protocols including new peri-articular blocks have drastically quickened recovery.

Uni-compartmental knee arthroplasty is a great minimally invasive way to relieve pain and enable a quick return to an active lifestyle for isolated compartment arthritis.