Post-Operation Questions
  • How soon may I travel in a car after having a joint replaced?
  •   You may go for short rides in the car within the first few weeks after surgery.  Any lengthy drives should be postponed until about 6 weeks after surgery. Frequent stops every hour or two should be made for the patient to get out and walk around for 10 to15 minutes.

  • How soon may I drive safely after having my hip or knee replaced?
  •   Patients who have a left total hip or knee replacement should wait a minimum of 2 weeks before driving a car on their own. You should also not be taking any narcotic drug medication.  Those who have had a right hip or knee replaced should wait at least 5 weeks or until adequate strength and flexibility has returned.

  • Is it OK to push a shopping cart
  •   Yes; however, you should get help with any heavy bags of food being put in or out of your car.

  • Is it OK to travel overseas after having a hip or knee replacement?
  •   Yes; proper immunizations should be obtained depending on which countries are going to be visited. If extended walking is expected, you may to take a cane with you.